Overcoming obstacles for the college bound single parent

We believe a college education is the solution in fighting generational poverty.
An avenue to their accomplishments is to provide college housing at no cost to single mothers.


Enliven Foundation is in the business of equipping and empowering parents to achieve personal and academic success by providing practical needs, academic guidance, and emotional support.

The Fight

When a child looks to a parent for guidance into adulthood and finds that the parent values education, the child will most likely choose education as well.
Quite often single mothers are at a financial disadvantage in achieving their academic goals. Lacking supportive family and raising their children alone, they find themselves reliant on state assistance or in a minimum wage job, without hope of achieving their goals. Enliven strives to restore hope where it was lost.


Our focus is in helping single parents who are in poverty achieve their academic goals. The founding board of Enliven recognizes that there is a population of single parents who are trapped in the financial struggle of paying for housing and childcare while attempting to achieve their academic goals. Enliven strives to conquer this enormous obstacle by offering housing to those single mothers who strive to break the strongholds of generational poverty and provide a promising future to their children.


Enliven’s main purpose is to bridge the gap between defeat and accomplishment. We believe education is the solution. An avenue to their accomplishments is to provide college housing at no cost.


The more you know

Shelter or Education... Why make them choose?

Although there is government subsidized housing, currently there is up to a three year waiting list. Enliven strives to provide housing for single mothers at no cost during this interim.

Although the qualified applicant can receive state assistance, there are parameters. In them, the single mother will receive $432 in cash and also food stamps. The cash received is to cover ALL living expenses.

  • Poverty

    Two out of five of single mothers live in poverty

  • Wage

    The average wage of these mothers is $430/month

  • Education

    Two million single mothers have little or no means to contribute financially to their educational expenses

  • Choices

    Single mothers in poverty are forced to choose between a college education and shelter for their children

Enliven's Board Members

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Becky Van Atta

Becky has spent over 15 years assisting single moms, including several housing programs. She knows firsthand what these young women are experiencing. Becky is the heart behind Enliven and she will not stop until single parents have restored hope & have the resources needed to make healthy choices.
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Gamael Nassar

As a resident of this community and one that has worked with so many families, organizations, and groups, I have come to love the Enliven Foundation and what it represents. Of utmost importance to our families, community and nation is the fight to eliminate generational poverty by focusing on self-sustainability. That is what we do, one family at a time.
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Dr. Jeannie Davis

Vice Chair
Jeannie has a background in Community Health. She is passionate about the support Eliven provides to families that improve not only their lives, but the overall health and well-being of our community.
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Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer has worked in the not-for-profit space for more than a decade. She is proud to be a part of Enliven; the foundation’s mission aligns with her passion for education and community.
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Mike Van Atta

Board Member
Mike is a business owner, father, grandfather, and a man of many talents, as well as a supporter of his wife, Becky, the CEO of Enliven. His goal is to advocate for Enliven based on the impact it can have on our local economies along with the individual lives of those whom it will benefit.
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Joseph Holt

Board Member
I love our community and searching for ways to best help the needy, which Enliven excels at in spades. I am involved in direct home care, church, men’s fellowship, and I play games; including poker. My hope is to help Enliven continue its mission through mentoring relationships and funding.
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Laura Gillott

Board Member
Laura Gillott has been an Oregonian since 1976, a real estate broker since 1992, and a business owner since 2011. She loves her community and making the world a better place. She’s Married to David Gillott and they have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
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Beth Suhr

Beth has a background in corporate healthcare. She volunteers time to different organizations. She would like to utilize her passion to helping others through Enliven.

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